This poem was published in “Improbable Worlds: An Anthology of Texas and Louisiana Poets” by Mutabilis Press.


After the photograph “Swing, 1992” by Amy Blakemore

Praise the boy on the swing,
who has never stopped stopping,
his blond head inched sideways toward the slice of sky.
Praise the fragment of sky above his head,
casting a blinding light of possibility.

Praise even the other body, perhaps his brother,
who hangs in the foreground, all dark-jeaned legs,
feet facing the camera, no torso or head.

Across from each other, swinging, hatred of death &
its embodiment.

To praise them is to remember our own childhoods,
cast in grays, drowned in black where there is no memory,
fixed forever in the promise of a child’s swinging body.

Praise children, the rise and fall of their bodies
cutting a swath of light in the dark.

Praise their fall.
Everything, even the light, seeking to cover them.